Important Information Read Very Slowly and Follow the Rules and Instructions


You are only allowed to use BOX NETWORK to 1 IP addresses (Internet Home Address) registered to us or from the location you first connect your 1st BOX NETWORK. Your 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th BOX NETWORK must be within the same home address or connected to only one internet connection. You can not and we repeat you can not use your BOX NETWORK on multiple IP addresses or different addresses or location.


Example: You can not take your BOX NETWORK over to your friends house to watch a football game. It will lock up your account and it will be deactivated and you need to request reactivate PIN codes.


If this has happened to your account for the first time, we will re connect your BOX NETWORK for FREE. To request for a New PIN Code go to MY ACCOUNT at and request for re connection and we will then reissue new pin codes within 24-48 hours.


If a BOX NETWORK customer continues to try and use their BOX NETWORK in multiple locations they are subject to pay a re connection fee or removal of our service or their account may be cancelled permanently. We do not want to do this so please stop trying to abuse the IP rules. Do Not use your BOX NETWORK to other locations or other internet connection and/or IP address registered to us.


Please keep in mind that there will a re connection fee of PHP 99 pesos per BOX NETWORK. It must be collected before we re connect or re activate your account.